A Clean Exterior Looks Better

Improve your property with driveway pressure washing services in Fairfax, Woodbridge, Burke & Bristow, VA

It's no secret that a clean home looks nicer than a dirty one. If you want to boost your curb appeal, you should consider siding or driveway pressure washing services. George's Power Washing works with clients throughout the Fairfax, Woodbridge, Burke & Bristow, VA areas to make their homes shine.

Not every company is able to handle roof soft washing, but our 25+ years of experience have made us well-qualified. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Give your pool deck a deep cleaning

After years of use, your pool deck can get discolored by ground-in dirt. The only way to get it truly clean is to use a pressure washer. The team at George's Power Washing knows how to properly use the equipment to get a like-new result without damaging the wood. Plus, we'll tailor our pool deck cleaning methods to your deck so you'll get the best results possible.

After your pool deck cleaning, we can also offer a deck staining service. By staining your deck, you'll not only make it look better, but also protect it for years to come.

Turn to our staff today to set up an appointment for pool deck cleaning and deck staining in Fairfax, Woodbridge, Burke or Bristow, VA.

When you hire us for deck, siding or driveway pressure washing services, we'll go above and beyond to impress you. Our team can:

  • Clean and stain decks
  • Clean and stain fencing
  • Low Pressure Clean shingle roofs
  • Grafitti Removal
  • Driveway and sidewalk pressure washing
  • Get rid of mold, mildew and algae

Want to get your pool deck ready for a long summer of swimming? We're happy to help. Schedule an appointment today to get the job done right.